That's what I give to my clients.

 looking awesome is the cherry on top.

There are few things more powerful than a business owner who has their house in order.

There's really no feeling quite like when things are aligned, organized and ready. You are empowered; a force to be reckoned with.


daydream is a design studio

After graduating with a BFA from California State University of Fullerton, came a menagerie of jobs that never felt QUITE right (Branding Design Studio, T-Shirt Warehouse, Wedding Wholesale Company, Small Online Boutique) Though I gained a ton of experience, it was preparing me for my the best career of my life...Daydream.

I get to work with incredible clients and encourage biz owners to pursue their dreams and reach their highest potential. Love that for ALL of us!

Founded in 2019 by yours truly, Dana Bortz, in Orange County, California. Now based in Greece, where I currently live with my husband, son and two rescue dogs!

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